MMD Offshore

*Self-elevating Drilling Unit GustoMSC CJ46-X100-D, ABS Class
*Triangular hull with three triangular truss legs each fibed with a spud can. Hull is 214ft (65.25m) long x 203ft (62.00m) wide x 26.2ft (8.0m) deep
*375ft (114.3m) water depth rating, 505ft (154m) leg length
*Drilling depth up to 30,000ft (9,144m)
*Drilling Variable Deck Load(70kts): 7,715kips, Survival Variable Deck Load: 5,495kips
*GustoMSC X-Y Cantilever capable of extended reach; skid fore and aft with centerline up to 70ft (21.33m) of stern

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