MMD Offshore


The company covers an area of 20 million square meters, more than 400 employees, the company has a good corporate culture, convenient transportation routes, completely independent intellectual property rights, the leading professional technical team, advanced equipment configuration, and efficient production team and perfect service. The company is committed to the highest quality products tailored to customers, focused on providing customers with high quality and reliable equipment and services, is committed to creating a more globally competitive high-tech mainstream products.

The company has established an open reading room, open to all employees, customers, third parties in the Division I swim a sea of books. While the new company set up a treasure of gold Standardization Committee, and the National Institute of Standardization established a good working relationship, to update all types of design, test, safety and other international standards.

Corporate culture attaches great importance to the power of knowledge, encourage employees to continue to learn advanced technology, free of charge to staff training opportunities abroad, stick to science and rejuvenation of the road. Poking new employees are graduate students, undergraduates and industry a large number of high-end talent, and attract outstanding college graduates each year to our jobs.


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