MMD Offshore

Self bunded Cube is a range of 110% Bunded (Contained). Globally Approved tanks for the storage of a wide range of hydrocarbon products including Diesel, Petrol (Gasoline), Lubricants, Kerosene and Waste Oil. Usage: Site Static Storage; Delivery; Storage; Transport; Decanting. Double Wall. Fully Baffled, Stackable - 3-high empty / 2-high when full. Four (4) Way Forklift Pockets. Easily removable inner tank for maintenance and cleaning.

Capacity: 500L~11,000L
Approvals: UL142 / ULC-S601 / ULC-S653, AS1692 / AS1940 / PPG2 / CE / EU Static Storage and IBC UN31A/Y for approval for the transport of Dangerous Goods by Road, Rail and Sea, Packaging Groups II & III.
Vessel Material: Stainless steel or Carbon steel.
Accessories: Mild Steel or stainless steel Internal Tank; Roll Over Vent; Full calibrated dipstick; Heavy duty mild steel External tank; Pumps; Connections; Hoses.

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