MMD Offshore
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enhance leaning and strive for efficiency
diligent and pragmatic
first in man and work after school
firmness and never say die
teamwork and concerted
professional ethics and self-restraint
excellence and innovation
dedicated and bear responsibility for country

Quality Excellence
Excellence of Quality is the premises of us. Zero defect is our continuously pursuing goal.

Customers Satisfaction
Customers satisfactory is the interest source of our organization, employees, shareholders, suppliers and the society. We Achieve satisfactory of customers and interested parties by improving Quality, service , productivity, quick delivery, cost decrease,  and protection ,and that of our employees by improving

Continuous Improvement & Innovation
Continuous improvement and innovation at the full range of company and effective utilization of energy sources and all other natural resources.

Humanistic Management:
Pursuit of human-focused enterprise culture, impartial selection ,training ,encouragement and awards for employees, provision the right human resources for organization’s operation protection .

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